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APRIL 2008 

Water Sewerage & Waste Exhibition – Newport - 10th April 2008

D.R. Pumps Ltd would like to begin by saying “Thank You” to Olivia Sanderson the exhibitions manager and all of her team at PSE for organising the exhibition at “The Coldra, Holiday Inn, Newport”.

Overall the exhibition proved to be a worthwhile event, providing the Companies involved in Water, Sewerage & Waste, the opportunity to promote their specific business market to its best advantage, to the visitors attending.  

D.R. Pumps will be attending the Water Sewerage & Waster Exhibition in Peterborough on 9th October 2008.  

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Views of our stand at the Water Sewerage & Waste Exhibition

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New Look for the Orange Line  

The orange line series has been modified and new catalogues for sewerage and drainage pumps will be available shortly, for more details contact us.  

Products Now Available  

The 4ES series of electric submersible pumps are gradually taking over the 4ER series are now available for purchase.

They are easily installed in wells and tanks, are suitable for water supply, municipal and industrial applications.

4ES pumps are suitable to deliver a wide range of liquids, including chemically aggressive water, with maximum 40g/m³ suspended solid's.

The 4ES pumps consist of two main elements:

  • pump body

  • submersible motor

Pump Body:

Centrifugal multistage with incorporated non-return valve in delivery bowl and suction grid mounted in suction bowl.  Wet end suitable to be coupled with standard submersible motors.

AISI 304 delivery bowl
AISI 304 stainless steel shafts, bolts, couplings, grid, cable protections.

Floating Noryl impellers in axial sliding.


Three-phase asynchronous squirrel cage motors, available both in rewindable oil filled and encapsulated versions. Radial and thrust bearings are lubricated by the same motor liquid.

New Products

The SNR series is a range of Centrifugal pumps on compliance with UNI EN 733 ( DIN 24255) that can be used for many working fields as:  

  • Water supply for industrial and municipal applications
  • Irrigation
  • Fire fighting
  • Boostering
  • Water treatment and purification
  • Heating and cooling

Will shortly be available for purchase; please keep looking for more details coming soon.

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